About Us

The providers of Eyedeal Careers are based in New South Wales, Australia, offering this service to both Australian and International Job Advertisers and Job Seekers alike. Eyedeal Careers is a Premium Service designed to assist Allied Health Professionals and Job Advertisers attain a mutually beneficial state of employment, primarily (but not limited to) through our internet media.

If you require further information, our networks at the following links may be of assistance:
Orthoptic Association, Australia, please visit: www.orthoptics.org.au
La Trobe University, Australia, please visit: www.latrobe.edu.au
Sydney University, Australia, please visit: www.usyd.edu.au
Physiotherapist, Association, Australia, please visit: www.physiotherapy.asn.au
Occupational Therapist, Association, Australia, please visit: www.ausot.com.au
Speech Pathology / Therapy, Association, please visit :
Royal College of Nursing, Australia; please visit : www.rcna.org.au
Chiropractic Association; please visit : www.chiropractors.asn.au
Osteopathic Association; please visit : www.osteopathic.com.au
General recruitment and business resources : www.attewellconsulting.com


The content on the Eyedeal Careers website is free-to-view to all parties seeking employment and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE for Job Seekers to register with us. All registered details of Job Seeker parties and Advertisers will remain confidential, to be utilised only by the providers of this service.
By registering with Eyedeal Careers, we are better able to keep all Job Seekers informed of any recent job vacancies, catering to their specific area of interest. All users are invited to keep themselves informed by checking on the website content for details of positions currently available
In streamlining the user-friendly nature of the website, we have introduced new developments to our service which enables our Job Seekers to apply for jobs ON-LINE via our SECURE internal system. Simply click onto the Advertisement of interest and follow the prompts to direct an application straight to the Advertiser.
To register an Advertisement, Job Advertisers simply need to place their advertisements on-line, within that same secure system. Alternatively, Job Advertisers may also contact us directly via telephone or email (see Contact Us Section).
Our Mission

...Connecting the best Allied Health Professionals with unlimited career opportunities by offering exclusive online employment focussing on the area of healthcare...

Our Experience

The Eyedeal Careers concept was conceived in 1999 by 2 individuals who are practicing Allied Health Professionals. Eyedeal Careers is both original and innovative in design and application. This was borne from a desire to enable all Allied Health Professionals to find employment easily and conveniently, unlimited by time constraints.

The original Eyedeal website was launched in mid 1999, primarily focussed on the Ophthalmic and pharmaceutical professional job market. With years of experience and development, Eyedeal Careers has established an extensive network of Job Seekers, employers and supporting organisations. Our service has now recorded in excess of 15 000 visitations, with clients extending from Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Eyedeal Careers has a proven record of successfully filled hundreds of advertised jobs (within Australia and internationally), an acknowledged achievement which highlights the effectiveness of the overall network. The service has now become a leader in this specialised employment market.

Today, Eyedeal Careers remains true to its original concept - a consistent flow of information enabling Health Professionals access to a wide range of career opportunities.